Lydia pisses me off period but this ep she made me so mad. Like she criticizes Malia for wanting to know if she was on the damn list which is one of the most human things shes done this season, then she fucking yells at Meredith, doesn’t apologize and she just irks me so…


Can we just take a moment here to say that what Stiles said was, yes completely rude and sarcastic but he was completely right. Scott made a horrible decision for giving Liam the bite. Was it to save his life? Yes. But from all the past seasons it’s very difficult to train a werewolf. Now we’ve mixed a werewolf with a kid who has intermittent explosive disorder and that is definitely not a good mix. I’m not saying it was okay that he said that but he has a point! 

Why is everyone jumping on Stiles ass like shut the fuck up

Yeah, I’m just gonna try to play lacrosse.

Holland Roden Out and About in Times Square on February 7th, 2013

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